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Ship to Australia: Plus Size Clothing

Every few seconds a heart breaks in Australia because an online shopper sees the words ‘we do not ship outside the UK/US’ or the lack of Australia on the list of countries where a website does ship internationally. The worst of it all, is seeing how much your punishment will cost for living in Australia. I’ve had a shipping quote for $100USD before, which is even more in AU$, and the dress was only 35 dollars. Thanks, but no thanks.

Brands that ship to AustraliaThe Australian Shipping Problem is not limited to the plus size market, straight sized people suffer too. my friend was super emotional when Topshop and Zara started shipping here. She didn’t even care about the ridiculous exchange rates; Topshop and Zara had recognised our existence and that was all that mattered. Won’t lie, she cried over the news they were opening Australian stores.

Despite the problem not being limited to those wearing plus size clothing, it is somewhat more of a problem given the limited range available. Yes, the plus size landscape is changing rapidly and there are more and more options being made available to consumers as big retailers realise there is big dollars in the plus size market and more independent designers open up shop, but it doesn’t really help us poor lonely souls in Australia when we can’t access it. In fact, it’s a bit of a tease really. We can see all these beautiful clothes but we can’t have them. It’s a little bit like waving a lolly in front of a child then eating it yourself while laughing manically.

To help others avoid the sinking disappointment that I’ve felt too many times, I’ve complied a list of online destinations for plus size clothes available to Australia. Continue reading Ship to Australia: Plus Size Clothing

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