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Girl returns to abandoned blog?

This blog started in 2015 when I, lover of the written word, thought I had something of value to add to a community I was falling in love with. Like many before me, I was 100% certain that my voice was unique and I was going to settle down in an uncovered corner of the market. And, maybe I did have something to say, and maybe there were people out there that it would resonate with.

Except, I was an absolute idiot.

Somewhere in the midst of planning posts and starting to throw things out into the blogosphere, I lost my voice. Instead of focusing on what I wanted to say, my focus became what I thought people wanted to hear. I was researching things that weren’t me, trying to pull together posts that weren’t me, all because my mind had shifted to an unhealthy place. Luckily, none of those posts made it past the draft stage. I could never bring myself to hit ‘publish’.

And, of course, because I wasn’t having fun with blogging (not really sure if my feeble attempt counts, but we’ll go with it for lack of a better word), I got bored and I gave up.

Months passed, 2016 got crazy busy, and having a blog became a bit of a joke aka ‘I have a blog but it sucks’. So when I started getting emails about my domain expiring, I was surprised that I jumped up to get my wallet. Why did I care about the domain for an extinct blog? I put my wallet down and went back to The Good Wife.

I thought that would be the final nail in the short blogging career. Yet, the original idea for The Curve Culture lingered in the corners of my very cluttered brain. To the point where I renewed the domain, ‘just in case’. But again, this blog sat here untouched. Unloved. Lost in the sea of abandoned websites.

But here I am. Writing a new blog post.

I’ve had some experiences lately that have niggled at me. Stuff that I’ve done, seen, cried about… All things that I’d wanted to blog about and share because they were me and they were real. Most of all? Because someone else might feel the same and then we’d both feel less alone.

I have stayed on the fringes of the fat positive blogging community. I continued to admire fashion, beauty, opinion (and more) bloggers from afar and read/watched things that have been me feel less alone and more human.

Now, it’s time for me to be active in a community that has given me so much without knowing. I’m ready to add my voice to the mix, even if it gets lost amongst the crowd. I can’t promise that it will be frequent or interesting but I can promise it will be me and it will be honest. Sounds wanky, but it’s true! Promise!

Anyway… the important will be that I said something.

G x


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