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Ship to Australia: Plus Size Clothing

Every few seconds a heart breaks in Australia because an online shopper sees the words ‘we do not ship outside the UK/US’ or the lack of Australia on the list of countries where a website does ship internationally. The worst of it all, is seeing how much your punishment will cost for living in Australia. I’ve had a shipping quote for $100USD before, which is even more in AU$, and the dress was only 35 dollars. Thanks, but no thanks.

Brands that ship to AustraliaThe Australian Shipping Problem is not limited to the plus size market, straight sized people suffer too. my friend was super emotional when Topshop and Zara started shipping here. She didn’t even care about the ridiculous exchange rates; Topshop and Zara had recognised our existence and that was all that mattered. Won’t lie, she cried over the news they were opening Australian stores.

Despite the problem not being limited to those wearing plus size clothing, it is somewhat more of a problem given the limited range available. Yes, the plus size landscape is changing rapidly and there are more and more options being made available to consumers as big retailers realise there is big dollars in the plus size market and more independent designers open up shop, but it doesn’t really help us poor lonely souls in Australia when we can’t access it. In fact, it’s a bit of a tease really. We can see all these beautiful clothes but we can’t have them. It’s a little bit like waving a lolly in front of a child then eating it yourself while laughing manically.

To help others avoid the sinking disappointment that I’ve felt too many times, I’ve complied a list of online destinations for plus size clothes available to Australia.

Brands that Ship to Australia with Reasonable Shipping:

  • ASOS (sizes 18-30): With their own label ‘ASOS Curve’, ASOS became a hit amongst those who wear larger sizes. In the last few years they have successfully become a secondary retailer for other brands; exactly the way they did with their petite and mainstream sizing. ASOS Plus Size is now a marketplace for over twenty brands including Alice & You, New Look Inspire, Junarose, Carmakoma, Boohoo Plus, and Club L Plus. They have prices to suit all budgets and offer free shipping on orders over $40AUD and $10AUD express shipping. Delivery is between 2-10 working days depending on what type of shipping is selected and where you live. Returns are to an Australian warehouse, minimising postage costs.
  • New Look (sizes 18-32): I fell in love with New Look through ASOS and I was delighted to find that they now ship to Australia from their own website. They have a bigger range than what is on ASOS and often the prices are better, especially if you pick something up on sale. As well as plus size clothes, New Look also do wide fit shoes and go up to a EU 43/AU 11. All prices are shown in British pounds, so be wary of thinking it’s really cheap! Exchange rate bumps it up, but it is still reasonable. Postage is nine pounds standard and 20 pounds express, unless you spend over a certain amount. Spending more than 55 pounds gets you free standard shipping, and spending more than 75 pounds will get you free express shipping. I would advise trialling New Look products to learn your fit etc through ASOS as it’s expensive to ship back to New Look as it is international postage.
  • Yours Clothing (sizes 16-34): THEY HAVE ARRIVED, AUSTRALIA! For so long I’d see their clothes on blogs and crave them but I couldn’t get them. I forgot about them for a while and have recently discovered that they’ve launched an Australian site (this could have happened ages ago but I only recently discovered this news). Everything is shown in Australian dollars and it’s so reasonably priced! Then there is the sale section and everything there is an absolute bargain. A brand that doesn’t let size limit their design, they offer really stylish options that are on trend. They also do larger size shoes in a wide fit. This includes boots! Standard shipping (9-10 days) is $10 but usually free if you spend more than $50AUD (keep an eye out for a code). They have a warehouse in Victoria, so return postage costs are low.
  • Evans (sizes 14-32): The prices are quite steep, especially when you convert from pounds to dollars, but you can get some steals in the sale section. You must use the UK site and shop in pounds and postage is nine pounds standard and 20 pounds express. I’m yet to order anything from them, but they have a good reputation and they are on the top of my list of places to try!
  • Target (sizes 18-26): Australian retailer Target (not to be confused with the US retailer) recently rebranded it’s plus size collection. We’ve gone from Moda to Belle Curve (clever, no?) and the change in name has brought a change in design. The clothes are much more trendy and less old lady, and at reasonable prices. Shipping is flat rate or you can do free click and collect in your local store!
  • Pink Clove (sizes 16-32): The prices are super reasonable, even when converted to AUD, and the collections are really on point. I’m excited to try this retailer out!
  • Lovedrobe (sizes 14-32): Reasonably priced, although it can get a bit pricey, the collections are on trend. Postage can get costly as it is done on weight, so be careful of that. UK retailer with no AU warehouse so returns could be expensive.
  • Long Tall Sally (sizes up to 24): They do plus size clothing but they also have an incredible range of wide fit shoes. I basically want everything. Prices are midrange with some good sales and postage is reasonable at $15AUD for shoes and $10AUD for clothes and shoes.
  • SWAK Designs (sizes 14-36): Shows prices in AUD and everything is mid-range but they have god sales. Extremely reasonable standard shipping at $7AUD for orders under $138 dollars and free for orders over $138. Faster shipping is available but it will cost you.
  • Lane Bryant (sizes up to US36): On the more expensive end of the scale, prices fluctuate depending on the current exchange rate between USD and AUD. Their items are seriously nice, though. If you’re going to have a splurge, this is the place to do it. Returns are to the USA and are at your own cost.
  • Society+ (sizes 12-32): On trend and fashion forward pieces that fall in the mid range price bracket. THEY DO TULLE SKIRTS! Ballerina dreams are coming true all over the world. Flat rate of $20 sometimes they have a special and you can get it cheaper.
  • 17Sundays (sizes 14-26): Australian retailer. Great, trendy clothes in a mid-high price range.
  • David Jones (sizes up to 26/plus XL): David Jones has their own label and they stock other labels as well. Prices fall in the mid-high range.
  • Myer (up to size 24): Prices fall in the mid-high range and there is a variety of brands stocked.
  • Autograph (sizes 14-26): Australian retailer that is part of the Specialty Fashion Group. Autograph sizes are generous and comfortable. The retailer has recently started to sell on behalf of other brands as well, expanding their range and appealing to more people. They also sell shoes in a wide fit and up to size 11. Their boots in winter are a very generous wide calf fit.
  • City Chic (sizes 14-24): A really great destination for occasion wear and denim in Australia. Winter 2015 saw them do a collaboration with Wittner and the shoes were to die for. Mid-high range pricing. Australian retailer that is part of the Specialty Fashion Group and has free in store returns. Shipping is a $10 flat rate for orders under $150 (it’s free over $150) or there is the free click and collect option.
  • Nordstrom (sizes up to US28: A Myer/David Jones type department store in the USA, the prices can be high but damn, the clothes are beautiful. they stock a range of different labels, including Melissa McCarthy’s range, and have a deal with Borderfree to provide shipping to Australia. Shipping does vary depending on what you order and returns are at your own cost to the USA.
  • Rebdolls (sizes: 0-28US): A great range, they cater for women of all sizes. Their crop tops and two piece sets are AMAZING! Prices are the low-mid range. Shipping is a flat rate of $15USD, which is reasonable.
  • Boohoo Plus (sizes up to 24): Really, really well priced. Cute clothes that are young people friendly. Postage is reasonable or free and returns are within Australia.
  • Crossroads (sizes 8-22): Australian retailer that is part of the Specialty Fashion Group. Reasonably priced with decent shipping prices. Returns are free in store or at Australia Post prices by mail.
  • Misguided (sizes up to 24): Really great, inexpensive items that are the same or similar to their straight sized range.
  • 599Fashion (sizes S-5XL): It almost went down in the next section but even though their postage prices are a little steep, it is balanced out by the ridiculously cheap prices of their clothing. Everything is $5.99USD or less, so that’s a bloody bargain if you ask me.
  • Seraphim (sizes up to 26): Boutique Australian retailer. Cute and trendy clothes at mid range prices, with decent sales.
  • Avenue (sizes 14-32): mid-high prices. They do wide fit shoes as well! No Australian warehouse so if you need to return anything it will cost you.
  • Ready to Stare (sizes up to 5XL): Really fashion forward collections that don’t give two stuffs about the “rules” and give plus size women a chance to wear really fun, creative clothes. Prices in the mid-range and they do body chains and other accessories as well.
  • Just Curves (sizes up to 28): They do plus size active wear and have a great style called the ONEder suit!
  • Chubby Cartwheels (up to size 5xL/32): an independent designer, Chubby Cartwheels has a great year round range as well as seasonal collections. I LOVE their ‘diet industry drop out’ t-shirt.
  • Navabi (up to size 30: Stocks a variety of different brands as well as their own brand. High end pricing for the most part but really lovely items.
  • Rue 107 (up to size 24):

Retailers that do ship to Australia but charge a fortune in postage:

  • Forever 21: Sizes up to 3XL (American so AU28). Shipping is too ludicrous for me, but let me know how you get on.
  • Rainbow: They’ve partnered with and it could be an effective way to ship if you do a bulk buy but the shipping is so expensive. I can’t justify 70 dollars for a 1kg package!
  • Ashley Stewart: Shipping is done by weight, when I had one item in my cart shipping was $14 USD and when I had two it was $27 USD. It’s okay if you only get one item (especially on sale) but it’s off-putting seeing such a large amount in shipping!
  • Torrid: Sizes go up to 6XL/30 but shipping is done by weight and is so expensive.
  • Cooper Union: Sizes go up to 5XL. Flat rate of $45 dollars which some may consider okay but ultimately isn’t cheap! The clothes are amazing though so a once a year order might be on the cards for me, or maybe a bulk buy with other Aussie ladies!
  • Coutney Noelle: Sizes up to 4XL. Pricey (but it’s an indie designer) but the dresses are really something special. International shipping is a flat rate of $50.
  • Jibri: Sizes up to 4XL in some pieces. Seriously beautiful designs that fall on the higher end of the price scale. Shipping was $37 dollars when I put a skirt in my bag and $76 with a skirt and coat. It seems that it’s done on weight which can make things pricey.
  • Pop Up Plus: Sizes vary from designer to designer that they stock. Largest size currently appears to be 3XL = 24. Flat rate shipping of $65.

Brands that I want to start shipping to Australia:

  • Eloquii
  • Ulla Popken
  • Marina Rinaldi
  • Charlotte Russe

This list will be updated as things change/I become aware of retailers and as I buy from retailers already listed. Nothing on this post is sponsored.

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