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Christmas Apparel: Top 7

Christmas and December brings upon us the season of everything festive. If you live in a western country it’s particularly hard to avoid the infestation of Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not. Christmas is in our faces at every turn and you can’t escape it unless you lock yourself away for a month. Or longer, really because the stores are dragging the holiday period out for as long as they can. Honestly, if Australian retailers weren’t trying to make Halloween a thing, then Christmas stuff would be up late September and we’d get to listen to Christmas carols on our weekly shop for three months.

Christmas is serious business (literally).

Rising temperatures in Australia during the holiday season tend to put a damper on the world’s obsession with Christmas jumpers but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate in festive clothing. There are always Chrissy shirts available at Big W, Kmart, Target etc but if you want something a little nicer than those tacky but wonderful things the chain stores stock then this is the right list for you.


christmas top


1/ I won’t lie, I’d probably wear this t-shirt all year round. I’d pretend the Easter Bunny had little elf helpers and whip this baby out at Easter time. It’s really bloody great. I’ve seen the slogan in various places but this ASOS Curve is a boyfriend t-shirt and I love the fit of ASOS boyfriend tops. The fact that the slogan is in a shiny gold and is eye-catching doesn’t hurt either.


christmas pjs



2/ This pyjama top is really cute and when you’re up way too early on Christmas morning, it will provide all the necessary cheer for you. Personally, the shirt is pretty representative of what it’s like on Xmas morning at my dad’s house. I’m the middle bird while my littlest siblings are the two outside birds; I’m a little sloth like early in the morning and they are balls of child energy always telling me to wake up. Thanks for totally getting me, Yours Clothing.



christmas jumper
3/ We all know that it’s going to be hot on the 25 December in the land down under. Unless, perhaps, you live in Tassie or Victoria and you get a bit of a southern state reprieve. If you’re lucky to have a mild Chrissy then you may be able to get away with buying a jumper. If you’re not, then chances are you’ll be inside pumping that glorious thing we call air conditioning and you could slip a jumper on. If circumstances permits a jumper then this one is the one. ASOS Curve once again killing the slogan with FOR THE LOVE OF TINSEL! I guarantee you that you’re going to say this in exasperation at least 13 times this season.


christmas top



4/ Who doesn’t love a dog themed anything? Yours Clothing have nailed it. This clever pun can be worn proudly on your torso as you sing the song and drive your family as mad as they are driving you. Even if you don’t sing the song, one look at the shirt and they’re going to have the song stuck in their head. Then they’ll be thinking about snow and trying to remember what it feels like to be cold and… Well, the dog pun is worth is okay?



christmas robe
5/ This may sneakily be two things at once but TECHNICALLY it’s only the dressing gown. Okay? Okay. This ASOS Curve masterpiece (have you realised yet that I love Christmas?) is covered in Xmas related stuff that has ABSOLUTELY NO meaning to Australia who suffers through heatwaves and roasts in heatwaves for Christmas. But who cares? Not me! Give me the snowman covered dressing gown please. I’ll wear it in winter even though I don’t live at the snow.

christmas jumper



6/ Another jumper, yes. But look at the eyelashes on that reindeer! I’m kinda jealous. If my previous suggestion of wearing a jumper in the air conditioning doesn’t fly, consider the year round wearability of Christmas jumpers. I mean, I can’t be the only one who pulls them out when it starts to get cold in our hot little country, can I? Besides, Christmas in July, anyone? Yours Clothing really nailed it with this cute jumper.


christmas socks


7/ Okay, so again not great for the warm weather, but DOGS AND CHRISTMAS. You can wear these in summer anyway (just not with your thongs, please) and whip them out in winter, too. Imagine wearing these puppies (ha) with your boots in winter! Festive all year round! ASOS has once again come through with the goods by giving me Christmas pug socks.






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