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Trend: ’70s Revival

Trend Breakdown: The 1970s

A trend may come and go within a season, but there are some trends that endure. The trend of modern 1970s first appeared a couple of seasons ago and has stuck around, filtering down from fashion houses to the high street and influencing more and more collections.

The 1970s is an iconic decade, with music and fashion from its time easily identifiable. The 70s brought us epic moments in fashion; the iconic wrap dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe where he created a collection that continues to give the fashion house direction and vision today, and Vivienne Westwood’s store on Kings Road.

There was plenty of IT girls too, providing us with plenty of inspiration for how to wear the trend in the 21st century. Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Farrah Fawcett, Stevie Nicks, Jane Birkin, Goldie Hawn… The list of seventies icons is endless.

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The current ’70s revival is a trend I never thought would really make a proper comeback. I’m also filing it under ‘trends I never thought I would love obsessively’. I used to look at things from the seventies and cringe because, God forbid, I ever chose to wear something my mum wore as a youngster. Except, it’s exactly what I’m doing. My wish list is a mile long and is reminiscent of the insides of my mum’s wardrobe growing up.

It’s all the best bits, though. It’s the benefit of hindsight — consumers and retailers alike can pour over everything they wore and put a big red X the dodgy bits. We only want the good stuff, thank

The comeback of ’70s fashion can be divided up so many ways:

  • The Fabrics: suede, velvet, cord, (faux) fur, denim.
  • The Prints: paisley, abstract/psychedelic floral, abstract circles, ‘retro’ anything, patchwork.
  • The Cuts: flare pants, a-line skirts, off the shoulder tops, maxis, shift dresses.
  • The Details: pussy bows, embroidery, fringing, tassels, buttons, lace up.
  • The Colours: tan/camel/mustard, burgundy, deep blues.
  • The Sunglasses: round, cat-eye.

The good stuff has been grabbed and modernised, and the result is glorious. The trend is massive (and sticking around, it appeared in many SS16 collections last fashion month), so I’ll touch on things briefly. There will be future posts on my favourite bits of the ’70s revival however, mostly because I’ve found my one true love in suede. And velvet. And fringing. I’m not a one love kind of woman, okay? I have many true loves.

Let’s kick of with skirts. They are better than ever, if I do say so myself. The shapes being offered to us make my heart swell (bit dramatic? They’re seriously good, though). ASOS Curve, in particular, is killing it.

Trend: Aline Skirt  Trend: Aline Skirt Trend: Aline Skirt Denim Trend: Denim Midi Skirt Trend: Aline Skirt Trend: Velvet Aline Skirt

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Flare pants, otherwise known as bell bottoms but that makes me think of a chiming arse and that’s not very pleasant now, is it? Your Clothing is pacing punches with their options.

Trend: Flare Pants

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It should be noted that flared jeans are back in too but while I may be embracing the flare pant, that does not extend to jeans. You’ll have to pry my skinny jeans from my cold, dead hands before I ever give them up.

Tops from the ’70s go from off the shoulder to high necked to flared arms. Here are some of my favourite ’70s inspired tops from ASOS Curve:

Trend: Peasant Blouse Flare Sleeves  Trend: Peasant Blouse Trend: Print Blouse

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Autograph Fashions and Your Clothing both have a great selection as well. Autograph has a lot of peasant blouses, while Your Clothing has off the shoulder, pussy bow, and paisley print tops.

For me, the key with fashion inspired by the past is to focus on key pieces. My favourite looks are inspired by ’70s fashion, they don’t look like they’ve come straight out of a time capsule. The great thing about fashion though, is that you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Want to look like you walked out of the ’70s catalogue that still lines the shelves of your Grandma’s pantry? Go for it. Your body is yours to dress.

Georgia x

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