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Welcome to The Curve Culture!

There are many things that I am passionate about. Brunch, live music, using your manners, writing, babies, emojis, feminism etc. Fashion, diversity, and empowering women are three more, and passions I’ve decided I want to shout about from the rooftops (or the blogosphere, whatever floats your boat).

The Curve Culture is where I’ve decided to combine these three things; my hope is to create a hub where any woman can come and see herself represented. I know that aim can start with me and my own content, but it cannot end with it. To truly be a diverse representation of women, The Curve Culture needs input from all of you. If you ever want to discuss a collaboration or contribution check out the contact page here.

People before me have started a revolution, rejecting society’s rules, norms, and prejudices, and The Curve Culture is my little bit of input into the (vastly) bigger picture. As someone who sits on the bigger end of plus size, I’m tired of apologising for my existence. This is my big F you to the society that expects me to change myself so that they are more comfortable.

I hope you find something on this blog that inspires you as much as others have inspired me.

Georgia x


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  1. YAY! Proud of you. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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