Hiding Money When Traveling

Hiding Money When Traveling

When it comes to travel, security is always one of the top priorities for anyone. Along with the joys of the prospects of exploring a new country, also comes concerns many know too well. It is not uncommon for travellers to frequently carry large sums of money into foreign territories and immediately become targets to watchful eyes. The risks of being targeted can turn the initial excitement into  anxiety and paranoia. Feeling so vulnerable not only makes you look like an easier target for thieves, but may even overshadow your perception of situations. In this blog we explore ways to ensure you stay confident during the entirety of your stay - and should the worst happen, you have back up cash!

How To Hide Money 

1. Don't put all your money and cards in one place  on you - pick 2-3 places or ways. Avoid common areas like bags and pockets when feeling particularly vulnerable. 

2. Get creative! There are several quirky items online for hiding your cash in apart from the standard portable safe 

3. Send yourself some cash to pick up via western union/moneygram once you arrive in your desired desired country

4. Sew a secret pocket into the inside of one of your garments

5. Never leave your hotel with all your cash!


Places To Hide Money

Still stuck on ideas? It's time to get super creative! Here are 4 ideas for carrying money into the DR or other countries,

Hiding Money

Where are some places that you have hidden money in the past?

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