The Inflatable BBL Mattress

What Is An Inflatable BBL Mattress?

The inflatable mattress is a revolutionary new product made to aid the recovery process following a Brazilian Butt Lift. For the first time, there's no need to spend weeks laying on your stomach in discomfort whilst struggling to get some much needed rest. The BBL mattress provides you with an alternative way to relax without comprising your results. Recover in ease and comfort.
Here at the CurveCulture we're proud to say we are one of the only companies to stock the BBL mattress. Additionally we provide fast worldwide shipping.

The Details

The mattress is made with high quality PVC and features a 22" hole right in the centre. It is able accommodate those with hips measuring from 18" - 22". The mattress weighs 12lb and measures at 72 x 40 x 17. It's able to support up to 220Ib if weight. To inflate simply use a hair dryer on a cool setting and securely close the valve.

Instructions for BBL Air Mattress

  1.  To inflate air mattress use a hair blow dryer on cool setting or an air pump.
  2. Keep away from extreme heat and sharp objects
  3. If you puncture your mattress, use a liquid patch kit for air mattresses for an easy fix
  4. Always use a sheet or blanket with pillows under the head and thighs for the most comfortable support.
  5. Our mattresses have a 22" hole which accommodates a hip width of 18" - 22"
  6. Our air mattresses does not come with a build in pump so you will need to add air before each use.
  7. To make the hole smaller, you can place a folded blanket down inside of the hole and place a folded blanket where your legs rest
  8. Make sure both valves are secure to avoid air loss
  9. Weight limits for the air mattress is 220lbs 
  10. Please inflate and test mattress when you receive it. If for any reason you don't want your mattress, you must contact us within 3 days of delivery for a refund of the purchase. Please read our returns policy here. 

 The Pink Mattress

The pink inflatable mattress is a our best selling mattress! This popular mattress is released towards the end of the year and only available in limited quantities. These measure the same as the black mattress and is sold at the same price. Occasionally we reserve a small number to giveaway in competitions throughout the year. These will be visible on the "Giveaways and competitions" section on our blog.


The Mini BBL Mattress

The mini mattress is perfect for those who wish to travel with their mattress or may have limited space. At only 6lb and 40 x 40 x 17, it's light enough to fit into your suitcase and small enough to set up almost anywhere. To sleep with your mini mattress, place against furniture with a similar height e.g  a sofa or a bed for added support.



1. Why is shipping for the full sized mattress more expensive?

The full sized mattress weighs xxx and is classed a heavy duty item, thus incurring an extra charge. All mattresses include a tracking number and require a signature upon receipt.

2. Why is my mattress losing over time?

It’s natural to lose air pressure over time with continuous use. To make sure your mattress is in the best shape we sure we advise that you “top up” the air each time before use. Lastly make sure that the valves are closed securely by pushing it in - many people lose air because of a failure to double check,

3. I'm done with my mattress - how can I get rid of it? 

Send it back to us! Well be happy to purchase it back from you providing it is still in good condition. For more information email us at

4. How do I decide which mattress I need?

The full size mattress weighs xxx and measures at xxx. Whereas, the mini mattress weighs xxx and measures xxx. The full sized mattress is best used at home as an alternative to your bed. It’s large enough to lay horizontally across. The mini mattress is smaller and more suitable to travel with. It can be used as a chair as well as a mattress to sleep in.To use the mini mattress to sleep in, use against your sofa to provide head support. See the image above!

5. What's the best way to deflate it?

To deflate your mattress simply pull out the valve and allow the air to slowly deflate. To release the remaining air fold your mattress to force air out of the valve.

6. How can I purchase the full sized mattress?

You can purchase the full sized mattress by clicking here.

7. How can I purchase the mini mattress?

You can purchase the mini mattress by clicking here.

8. How do I choose which colour I want?

The colours are released seasonally and cannot be chosen. Throughout the year the mattresses, will be rotate between in black, pink and purple.

9. How can I make the hole smaller?

If you find that the hole is too big, it can be filled to make it smaller. Fold a blanket and fill the hole as many times as required. Don’t forget to place a pillow under your thighs to increase elevation. 

10. How do I go about getting a refund if I am unsatisfied?

If you are unsatisfied with our item, please contact us within 3 days of receipt on We’ll send you full instructions on how to send it back. Please also read our returns policy.


Tiffany Morris

When do y’all restock

Elizabeth Jaiyeola

Hi there, I live in the UK, I am wondering if you can get a bbl inflatable mattress to the UK as I will be having a bbl and fat transferred to my hips. How soon can I get one in the UK?

Elizabeth Jaiyeola

Hi there, I live in the UK, I am wondering if you can get a bbl inflatable mattress to the UK as I will be having a bbl and fat transferred to my hips. How soon can I get one in the UK?

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