The Most Important Surgery Related Phrases to Learn in Spanish & Turkish!

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We all know by now that cosmetic surgery overseas is not for the faint hearted, with all the hoops and hurdles to jump over, the language barrier is clearly the most obvious challenge! When out of your comfort zone and at one of, if not, the most vulnerable moment you'll experience, it's paramount that you are able to communicate feelings and directions.

If your awaiting your surgery date within the next couple of months or weeks, we're sure that you've already looked into the basic words and terms. What you may not have looked into however, is surgery specific terms that will almost certainly be used at least once. Believe us, that last thing you want is to be unable to communicate an important message at a time you need to be understood the most.

So avoid the frustration and do your homework diligently! Don't be lazy - learning a few new words is really for your own good. Once you've learned the basics, download your favourite translation app and start noting specific terms you'll find particularly useful.

Today, TheCurveCultureUK is here to give a head start! We've compiled a list of 35 super important surgery related phrases for you to start of with. Learn a few,  take a picture and pass it on.




I need a taxi.

necesito un taxi

Taksiye ihtiyacım var

I need a cash machine.

Necesito un cajero automático

Bir bankamatik ihtiyacım var

I need to make a phone call.

Necesito hacer una llamada

bir telefon araması yapmam gerekiyor

I need a phone charger

Necesito un cargador de telefono

Bir telefon şarj cihazına ihtiyacım var

I need to visit the pharmacy/grocery store

Necesito visitar la farmacia/tienda de comestibles


Eczaneye/ bakkala gitmem gerek

I need to speak to/with

Necesito hablar con

Konuşmam gerek




I would like water

Me gustaria agua

suya ihtiyacım var

I would like some food

Me gustaria comida

yiyeceğe ihtiyacım var

I would like some help

Me gustaria ayuda

yardıma ihtiyacım var

I need immediate assistance

Necesito ayuda inmediata

Acil yardıma ihtiyacım var

I would like some pain relief

Quisiera algunos analgésicos

Ağrı kesiciye ihtiyacım var

I would like a lymphatic massage

Me gustaria un masaje linfatico

Lenfatik masaja ihtiyacım var

I would like some sleep

me gustaría dormir

Uyumaya ihtiyacım var

I would like some time alone

Me gustaria estar solo

yalnız kalmak istiyorum

I would like some help in the bathroom

Ayudaría en el baño

Banyoda yardım etmem gerek

I would like to purchase…

me gustaría comprar

Satın almam lazım




I am cold

soy frío


I am hot

Estoy caliente

Ben ateşliyim

I am weak

soy debil


I am light headed

Soy mareada

Başım dönüyor

I am in pain

tengo dolor

acı içindeyim

I feel nauseous

Siento náuseas

Midem bulanıyor

I feel swollen

Me siento hinchada

Şişmiş hissediyorum

I have a headache

Me duele la cabeza

Başım ağrıyor

I have a seroma

Tengo un seroma

Seromam var




Please clean my incisions

Por favor limpia mis incisiones

lütfen kesiğimi temizle

Please empty my drain

Por favor vacía mi desagüe

lütfen giderimi boşalt

Please clean my bed

Por favor limpia mi cama

Lütfen yatağımı temizle

Please change my dressing

Por favor limpia mis vendajes

Lütfen giyinimi değiştir

Please check my vitals

Por favor revisa mis signos vitales

Lütfen hayati değerlerimi kontrol edin

Please change my catheter

Por favor cambie mi catéter

Lütfen kateterimi değiştir

Please help me run a bath

Por favor ayúdame a preparar un baño

Lütfen banyo yapmama yardım et

Please give me my medication

Por favor dame mi medicación

Lütfen bana ilacımı ver

Please help put on my faja

por favor ayúdame con mi faja

Lütfen fajamı giymeme yardım et

Please help me get changed

Por favor ayúdame a cambiarme

Lütfen değişmeme yardım et


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- TheCurveCultureUK x

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