What To Pack For Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

What To Pack For Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery


It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed when it comes to packing for your BBL surgery. With a range of products on the market and no real guide to what to purchase, it can be a long gruesome task to write up your list of items. Well, stress no more, TheCurveCulture is here to the rescue! We’re here to save you the time and put together an “Essential” must have guide. We’ve  avoided brand names and given specific products instead. Next to each item we’ve mentioned exactly why you need them, the only thing left is for you to decide where to shop!


What You’ll Need

Why You’ll Need It

A Carry On Suitcase (22” x 14” x 19”)

Save yourself the hassle and energy. Small and easy to manoeuvre. Able to fit in the over head cabins or under your seat.

Maxi Dresses or loose fitting clothes

You’ll find these are the easiest clothing to wear and the most comfortable whilst recovering.

Tank Tops

These need to be worn underneath your faja to avoid causing friction against your skin. 

A Warm Robe

Many recovery houses a to maintain sterile conditions.


For your comfort. Opt for slippers that are easy to clean.

Compression Socks

To avoid swelling and maintain blood flow in the legs. Should be worn during any flights and daily after surgery

Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body sponge, shampoo)


For your basic hygiene needs

Antibacterial Wash

Many surgeons require that you wash with an antibacterial soap the night before your surgery.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

Should especially be used when touching incisions and any open wounds

Antibacterial Wipes

For disinfecting surfaces

Cleansing Wipes

To help yourself freshen up when you are unable to take a shower.

Anti Itch Cream


Anti Swelling Cream

Aids with muscle pain, stiffness and bruising.

Antiseptic Ointment

To prevent infection at the site of your incisions.

Heavy Absorbent Under pads

Disposable sheets that can be used to avoid staining bedding.

Water Proof Sheet

An additional waterproof cover to avoid staining mattress. To be placed under a new set of sheets.

Maxi Pads

To be used in conjunction with a gauze, used inside the garment to soak up fluid.

Gauze Swabs

To cover your incisions

Surgical Tape

To attach your gauze

Female Urinal

To facilitate urination while wearing your faja

Pain Killers

Over the counter drugs will be useful when you longer require stronger medication.

Anti Nausea Tablets

To help prevent nausea which is common in the first few days following surgery

Stool Softener

Painkillers may cause individuals to become constipated. Stool softeners may required to trigger bowel movement.

Sleeping Pills

Useful for the first few nights following your surgery if you are struggling to fall asleep

Vitamin C Tablets

Helps with the formation of collagen and speeds up wound healing. Can be taken as a dissolvable tablet

Iron Tablets

Helps replace lost iron following your surgery. May also be used prior to surgery if required.

Bobby Pillow and/or BBL pillow

To help avoid direct pressure. Must be used for at least 6 week post surgery.

Abdominal Board

Provides compression on the stomach helping the skin adhere to the muscle. (Does not need to be worn in the first 7 days)

Lumbar Back Support

Prevents retention of fluid in the lower back area. Moulds the lower back. (Does not need to be worn in the first 7 days)

Liposuction Foam Sheets/360 foam

Creates a uniform smooth compression.


Provides compression, reduces swelling and enhances curves




In addition, there a few extra items that didn’t quite make the “essential” list but deserve an honourable mention for the recovery process. These items do not have to be with you to the hospital but some may prefer to do so.

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Self Massage Foam Roller
  3. Arnica Tea
  4. Lymphatic Drainage Pills/Liquid
  5. Disposable Gloves
  6. Gloves
  7. Portable Safe
  8. Protein Shake
  9. Heart burn Relief

For a great guide on how to conduct a self lymphatic massage click on the link below!


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