Mini Inflatable BBL Mattress

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Recover in comfort and style! Our top mini inflatable BBL mattress features a 22 inch hole and is made from high quality PVC. This smaller version is light enough to pack in your suitcase! Our inflatable mattresses are easily blown up with a hair dryer and measures 40" x 40" x 17"


1. To the air mattress use a hair blow dryer on a cool setting or a air mattress pump.

2. Keep away from extreme heat and sharp objects 

3. To fix a puncture, use a liquid patch kit for a quick fix.

4. Always use a sheet or a blanket with pillows with pillows under the head and thigh to provide the optimum comfort 

5. The mattresses provides a 22" hole, which accommodates a hip width of 18" - 22"

6. This mattresses does not include a built in pump 

7. To make a hole smaller, place a folded blanket inside the hole.

8. Ensure that both valves are secure to avoid air loss.

9. Weight limit for this mattress is 220lb

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