Faja Colombianas Shapewear Stage 2

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Faja is no doubt the single most important item you'll purchase during your BBL journey. Our faja's are made to support abodminal surgeries, liposuction, BBL procedures and implants.

Our surgical compression garments style shorts are manufactured with the highest quality to maximise comfort and all day wear. It smoothly contours and moulds to the body while providing adequate compression. It features a non compressive material over the buttocks area and adjustable shoulder straps. Change the sizing of your faja with our 3 sets of eye-hooks at the front, perfect as your body shrinks into it's amazing new shape. A lace finish prevents rolling up of material.The open gusset facilitates bathroom trips with the aid of a female urinal system.

The stage 2 faja is to be worn (roughly) 3 weeks after surgery for a further 9 weeks. It provides a higher compression and design to further mould your body to perfection.

Our female urinal device comes free with all our faja's with the discount code: FREEPEZ (must add Pez Female Urinal Device to shopping cart)

Important : -

- Please measure yourself correctly before purchase using a tape measure

- Try on product immediately and return for any exchanges within 2 weeks

- Refer to our sizing chart for more information