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Girl returns to abandoned blog?

This blog started in 2015 when I, lover of the written word, thought I had something of value to add to a community I was falling in love with. Like many before me, I was 100% certain that my voice was unique and I was going to settle down in an uncovered corner of the market. And, maybe I did have something to say, and maybe there were people out there that it would resonate with.

Except, I was an absolute idiot.

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Trend: ’70s Revival

Trend Breakdown: The 1970s

A trend may come and go within a season, but there are some trends that endure. The trend of modern 1970s first appeared a couple of seasons ago and has stuck around, filtering down from fashion houses to the high street and influencing more and more collections.

The 1970s is an iconic decade, with music and fashion from its time easily identifiable. The 70s brought us epic moments in fashion; the iconic wrap dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe where he created a collection that continues to give the fashion house direction and vision today, and Vivienne Westwood’s store on Kings Road.

There was plenty of IT girls too, providing us with plenty of inspiration for how to wear the trend in the 21st century. Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Farrah Fawcett, Stevie Nicks, Jane Birkin, Goldie Hawn… The list of seventies icons is endless.

Trend: Flare PantsTrend: Flare JumpsuitsTrend: Print Shirts

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Christmas Apparel: Top 7

Christmas and December brings upon us the season of everything festive. If you live in a western country it’s particularly hard to avoid the infestation of Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not. Christmas is in our faces at every turn and you can’t escape it unless you lock yourself away for a month. Or longer, really because the stores are dragging the holiday period out for as long as they can. Honestly, if Australian retailers weren’t trying to make Halloween a thing, then Christmas stuff would be up late September and we’d get to listen to Christmas carols on our weekly shop for three months.

Christmas is serious business (literally).

Rising temperatures in Australia during the holiday season tend to put a damper on the world’s obsession with Christmas jumpers but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate in festive clothing. There are always Chrissy shirts available at Big W, Kmart, Target etc but if you want something a little nicer than those tacky but wonderful things the chain stores stock then this is the right list for you.


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Ship to Australia: Plus Size Clothing

Every few seconds a heart breaks in Australia because an online shopper sees the words ‘we do not ship outside the UK/US’ or the lack of Australia on the list of countries where a website does ship internationally. The worst of it all, is seeing how much your punishment will cost for living in Australia. I’ve had a shipping quote for $100USD before, which is even more in AU$, and the dress was only 35 dollars. Thanks, but no thanks.

Brands that ship to AustraliaThe Australian Shipping Problem is not limited to the plus size market, straight sized people suffer too. my friend was super emotional when Topshop and Zara started shipping here. She didn’t even care about the ridiculous exchange rates; Topshop and Zara had recognised our existence and that was all that mattered. Won’t lie, she cried over the news they were opening Australian stores.

Despite the problem not being limited to those wearing plus size clothing, it is somewhat more of a problem given the limited range available. Yes, the plus size landscape is changing rapidly and there are more and more options being made available to consumers as big retailers realise there is big dollars in the plus size market and more independent designers open up shop, but it doesn’t really help us poor lonely souls in Australia when we can’t access it. In fact, it’s a bit of a tease really. We can see all these beautiful clothes but we can’t have them. It’s a little bit like waving a lolly in front of a child then eating it yourself while laughing manically.

To help others avoid the sinking disappointment that I’ve felt too many times, I’ve complied a list of online destinations for plus size clothes available to Australia. Continue reading Ship to Australia: Plus Size Clothing

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Welcome to The Curve Culture!

There are many things that I am passionate about. Brunch, live music, using your manners, writing, babies, emojis, feminism etc. Fashion, diversity, and empowering women are three more, and passions I’ve decided I want to shout about from the rooftops (or the blogosphere, whatever floats your boat).

The Curve Culture is where I’ve decided to combine these three things; my hope is to create a hub where any woman can come and see herself represented. I know that aim can start with me and my own content, but it cannot end with it. To truly be a diverse representation of women, The Curve Culture needs input from all of you. If you ever want to discuss a collaboration or contribution check out the contact page here.

People before me have started a revolution, rejecting society’s rules, norms, and prejudices, and The Curve Culture is my little bit of input into the (vastly) bigger picture. As someone who sits on the bigger end of plus size, I’m tired of apologising for my existence. This is my big F you to the society that expects me to change myself so that they are more comfortable.

I hope you find something on this blog that inspires you as much as others have inspired me.

Georgia x


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